Glee hasn’t been on for awhile, and it’s winter break. Lazy days have come, and I’m just relaxing while the snow ices up the northeast. And without warning, I’ve developed this inhumane addiction to Heroes.

It started one night when I fell asleep early. Downstairs my mom and my sister were watching the first four episodes of “Heroes” on Netflix. I’m fully aware that this series ended awhile ago, but when I started watching, I couldn’t stop. For instance, last night I had this dream about Mica and Niki-they were just there, it was really random, but it’s PROOF of how much I’ve taken to this show.

When I become this obsessed about something, my favorite thing to do is look up some fanart on deviantart.com. I love it how people take in the series and interpret it in their own ways. Especially when they turn it into a funny comic strip or something. I’ve gone through this phase with Twilight, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Harry Potter, and Studio Ghibli movies (ah I’m so typical 🙂 ).

Some thoughts on the topic: (SPOILER)

Every time someone dies, I keep thinking that they’ll just somehow come alive again. I’ve been too influenced by Claire and Peter. Those two just can’t seem to stop dying. Oh look, there’s, a stick in her neck! On no, he got stabbed by a blade of glass! That’s interesting, she woke up in the middle of her autopsy. Such a nice image. Like when Isaac died, I was just like, “Oh, he’s not dead. That’s probably just Claire or Peter in disguise. Or that morphing woman. Or maybe he has a special power to come back from the dead, too!! Maybe his paintings will save him and beat Sylar senseless!! GO PAINTINGS!”

Besides the fact that the decapitation this is sort of disturbing, you’ve got to admit, the idea is pretty interesting. The brains are supposed to be like watches or something and Sylar feels inclined to fix them. I’m just wondering what he does to extract the powers from the brains. I could totally picture him just standing there with all the brains and him being like”What now?”

Admit it. Everyone was totally up for Peter and Claire becoming a couple until we found out they were related.(Or maybe they do get together, I’m not that far yet)

serious moment.


I feel so protective of Hiro. I don’t want his enthusiasm and happiness to be crushed! He’s just trying to save the world!! WHY WON”T ANYONE BELIEVE HIM!! I almost cried when Suresh nearly injeected him with the poison. He’s also asian like I am, so there’s another connection I’m feeling. He probably also reminds me of my brother. My brother can make the same “Hiro” face as him. Haha, I just thought of that one.

I’m sad that the person who played Sylar also played Spock on Startrek, because I actually liked him as Spock. He was my favorite. Now I’m just afraid of him.

no comment.

I wish that I had figured about Heroes sooner, when the series was still on. Now there’s no one to gush about it with besides my mom and my sister. But they’re too busy trying to finish the season like I am. Back to where I started


“What You Ought To Know”

My newest obsession.

It’s Christmas season, and everyone’s going around giving gifts and candy canes. The time where everyone gets jolly and fat like Santa. So my friend gives me some “Lumpy Fudge”, and I’m all excited and can’t wait until lunch when I can eat it. Little did I know that this would be the start of my obsession.

She tells me it’s made of marshmallows, peanut butter, and chocolate. My three two favorite things (Marshmallows aren’t that great). And low and behold, I open the thing, and it’s all there. The lumpy, overly sweet treat. It’s so sweet, it’s almost disgusting how sweet it is. You’ll feel the saturated fats creep in on you. But anyway, the fudge came with a note, saying that she had gotten the recipe from a podcast site known as “What You Ought To Know”, and also adding that she will, and I quote, “make all of you WYOTK fans!!!! :P”.

And as I stared at those letters and realized what they stood for, I checked out the website.

Needless to say, I’m hooked like I am on “Heroes” in Netflix. I love the humor, and I can tell that I’m going to be quoting quite a lot. It’s just another way to add to my library of random knowledge, I guess.

What You Ought To Know

11 Things I Love Right Now

  1. Eating Like a French
  2. Peanut Butter Banana Cinnamon Panini for breakfast 7 days a week
  3. Running
  4. us band geeks
  5. Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1
  6. Barbecue Sauce
  7. Holidays
  8. Carrot Cake
  9. Broiled t-bone
  10. the warm winter clothing
  11. *the family

Life’s been hard lately, so I wanted to post a few things that I am grateful for.

The Younger Storyteller:The Tale of the First Rose

The Younger Storyteller

By Isabel



Once there was a butefull meadow. There was flowers notingells exept the wispring sweet sound of the wind. So evry time you go in there you would hear the wispring wind. One day a little rose was sprawting in the wide meadow with the wild flowers. So as usawell the big flowers took care of the rose they didn’t see a rose befor. they thoghot it was a daisy. So as she grew the dafedels, daisys, vaeoletsand all the other flowers where jealus that the rose looked much more Butefull then they are. But she didn’t care how she looked she was caring abot friendship while the other flowers were thingking abot how they look. So they tried so hard to look much Butter then her. A few months later new roses grew and usual men gives the roses to the ladys when the have dates and usually it manes the sihgn of love. One day a man came and said. “A new flower with red petels? I shall name this flower a rose.” So when ever you see a rose give it to someone you love. So evry day they came out to play with other flowers to. So from this day on I hope that you enjoy this story that I made and worked very very very very very heard on and that was the tale of the first rose. that the end bye!

An oreginal folktale.

A little bit of caveman talk going on!

Was probably largely influenced by Sailor Moon, where there’s this hero named Tuxedo Mask who uses roses as his weapon of choice. Very romantic.

The numerous “very’s” at then served as a page filler. I wanted to use up both sides of the page!

Very nice ending…

P.S. I didn’t know what a folktale was back then. It sounded right, I guess!

The Cat Returns

I’m still melting. This movie makes you feel all bonny and fuzzy inside.

I thought that it was sort of like a cat version of Spirited Away. It had the same idea of being wisked away into a world unimaginable by  human kind.

Basically, a teenage girl named Haru (voiced by Anne Hathaway!) feels as though she doesn’t quite belong. But soon after she saves the life of a cat, she gets involved in a whole different situation. The cat she saved just happened to be the Prince of Cats, and the King of Cats (his father) wants Haru to marry his son. As you can imagine, it gets a little, should I say, complicated. With the help of her new friends from the Cat Bureau, Baron, Mota, and Toto, together they find a way to save her from this peculiar fate.

The idea of a cat and a human getting married just couldn’t seem to settle with me, so I was relieved when Haru started turning into a cat. It made it much easier to wrap my head around! You see, when in the Cat Kingdom, if Haru loses sight of who she really is, she turns into a feline. That’s why Baron, this unpretentiously classy, smooth, and witty fellow, keeps reminding her to believe in herself. That, my friends, is the whole moral of the story.

Now, a little Background:

Baron Humbert von Gikkingen.

A cat who was given life through the imagination of his artist. He says that anything can have a soul if it is believed in strongly enough. I can’t help but to compare him to Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Inception. They’re both just too cool for school. I can’t stop marveling at their awesomeness. Baron happens to be my favorite character. (Note back to “unpretentiously classy, smooth, and witty fellow”)

See the resemblance?


A somewhat large, white cat. Toto believes he looks like a marshmallow. I agree. Did you know that he once devoured a whole lake of fish?


He was originally a stone statue. Otherwise, he’s a very amiable, joking crow, who came alive the same way that Baron did.


She’s had this ability of talking to cats ever since she was young, except has never realized until recently. Haru is laid-back, trusting, a little sarcastic, and is the unassuming heroine of this story. She can be very fierce when the urge strikes her.

P.S. The project concept of this story was thought up by the one and only Hayao Miyazaki! I’ve always been a big supporter with his legendary storytelling.


I could always tell a good movie when I saw one. And Tangled was no exception!  To tell the truth, this is now my most favorite Disney princess movie. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that it only seems like it’s for little girls but if you look beyond that, and actually experience the magic, the pristine animation, the adventure and comedy….

It basically blows you outta the theater. The movie screen is more like a window looking out onto a world where sunshine can plant healing flowers and people can grow hair as long as a tower; it’s like the audience is just zooming around in the little box called the theater, and flying all around this bright place, watching the story unfold.

This is truly the perfect movie. It satisfies the part inside everyone who longs for magic, the dry place where laughter is always welcome, the most fantastic adventure that comes along with every ride, and the love and romance that sometimes seems like only a dream.

I’m not going to tell you the plot, Oh no no no no no. See it for yourself, bub. Yup, I’m that determined to make you see the movie.

There’s only one thing that bother me, though.


I wish that Eugene had cut her hair at a more decent length.

Eh, I still love it anyways.

A Page a Day Keeps the Devil Away

That is, a page from the bible, of course. Inspired from the novel, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Francie, the main character, reads a page from the bible everyday.

Since I really have no clue about being Catholic besides a handful of prayers and some stories, where better to learn from than our holy book?? Personally, I can’t wait until I get to the “proverbs” chapter. I love wise sayings.