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The Younger Storyteller:The Tale of the First Rose

The Younger Storyteller

By Isabel



Once there was a butefull meadow. There was flowers notingells exept the wispring sweet sound of the wind. So evry time you go in there you would hear the wispring wind. One day a little rose was sprawting in the wide meadow with the wild flowers. So as usawell the big flowers took care of the rose they didn’t see a rose befor. they thoghot it was a daisy. So as she grew the dafedels, daisys, vaeoletsand all the other flowers where jealus that the rose looked much more Butefull then they are. But she didn’t care how she looked she was caring abot friendship while the other flowers were thingking abot how they look. So they tried so hard to look much Butter then her. A few months later new roses grew and usual men gives the roses to the ladys when the have dates and usually it manes the sihgn of love. One day a man came and said. “A new flower with red petels? I shall name this flower a rose.” So when ever you see a rose give it to someone you love. So evry day they came out to play with other flowers to. So from this day on I hope that you enjoy this story that I made and worked very very very very very heard on and that was the tale of the first rose. that the end bye!

An oreginal folktale.

A little bit of caveman talk going on!

Was probably largely influenced by Sailor Moon, where there’s this hero named Tuxedo Mask who uses roses as his weapon of choice. Very romantic.

The numerous “very’s” at then served as a page filler. I wanted to use up both sides of the page!

Very nice ending…

P.S. I didn’t know what a folktale was back then. It sounded right, I guess!


Ocean & Sky

One day I was thinking about how the water and sky were polar opposites. One’s denser, one has more pressure, one has water and the other doesn’t, and so on. So I came up with this short free write!

The vast ocean and the massive sky are forever competing against each other. They fight to see who is greater. “The crashing waves of my waters are far more overpowering than the invisible gases you bear,” said the Ocean.

“The heights of the sky have no limits, whereas you have an oceanic floor that can never be eroded,” the Sky replied. For centuries, the two brother elements have been lividly fueding for many different, and often creative, reasons.

“I feel your greedy winds always evaporating my precious water up into the air. Who has ever given YOU permission to make clouds out of MY water?!” roared the Ocean.

“What? You must feel that I always return what I have borrowed when the next rain comes. Without me, sister Earth would be dry and barren,” explained the Sky.

“Without me,” debated the Ocean, “you would have nothing to evaporate in the first place!”And on the two went, bickering with whines, accusations, and a whole lot of noise.

“BOOM! CRACK!” went the Sky. Meanwhile, ravenous tsunamis pounded the grounds of land.

The only sibling who was wise enough to mind her own business was sister Earth. She knew that without one another, both the ocean and sky would ultimately perish. Her two brothers were blinded though, but the Earth didn’t mind. For while the two were unintentionally destroying all things living, she was off rebuilding the reconaissance of life.

Because of the Sky and Ocean’s fighting, humanity died off, so Earth was working heartily to build it all back again.


Sweet globes of dew shine

Clinging to the jade blades of grass

Like marble armor