We Are Running Out of Time



I was intrigued about an idea of “a car that runs on water” after returning home from a particular science class one day. My science teacher described a future where cars are purely modes of transportation, and not oil monsters; where they run solely on water, and that instead of gas stations there are hydrogen stations; an unbelievable world where people trade in their gas guzzlers for years with just a little more rain due to the change from gas to water. A greener place, a kinder place, free of political holds of any kind. My mom said that we have all the technology to make this future now, but that some people are just too hung up on making money out of hurtful things. These are people that don’t care about the next generation; that when the time the world really does expire, they won’t be there to take it, so why should they care?

Why should they care?

All one can really do is to persuade. But in the end, the decision will always be upon themselves. Which will you choose?

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