Korean Pop.

I thoroughly believe that they have the catchiest songs on the planet. My friend first introduced me to Korean pop music, or k-pop, and now I can’t stop listening. The only problem is is that when you want to sing along, it’s sort of difficult BECAUSE IT”S IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE. But people like me have their ways of singing the words without really knowing what their saying. You’re speaking Korean, but not really. Yay!

I’ve recently been obsessed with this korean boyband called SHINee.

No words.

Right now I’m fastidiously trying to learn their famous dance routine to their song Lucifer by using endless slow-moed and mirrored videos. An. Endless. Amount. But it’s been really fun. I find it cool that you can learn any dance through slow-motion and a lot of pausing and replaying. After about a week, I’m about one minute into the song. yes. (personal victory screech)

You see all those electronic-like dance moves? That’s called tutting. And it’s extremely fun to learn. To get the moves really sharp, you need a lot of strength, control, and precision. These guys have got that. (Believe my sore muscles)

I’ve yet to learn all their names, but I will!! I will also buy more music, you can believe that.

I got sexy baaaack...YEAH

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