The Secret of Kells

I had been meaning to make a review for this movie a couple of months now, and all that has been holding me back was, I admit, pure laziness! I’m sorry, it happens to the best of everyone. But no matter, for the review must still go on!

The Secret of Kells – its very name easily invokes mystery and magic. And because of that, it’s been nominated for an Academy Award for the Best Animated Feature in February 2010. But since seeing it months ago, the only recallings I have left of the story are currently on a post-it with all the movie notes I took. And since  am still feeling a little bit lazy a bit forgetful, I do know that this movie deserves its spotlight. So here are the words straight from my notes that I jotted down, basically summing up the feel of The Secret of Kells.

magical; surreal; bright; haunting; brilliance; innocence in animation; some aspect of story you can’t quite grasp,fleeting; it pulls you in; at the same time can show terror, searing, scarlet death and hate like glowing coals on a fire; majesty; grace; fluidity; disturbing

The cat in this picture looks a lot like the one in the movie! Such beautiful eyes…

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