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Korean Pop.

I thoroughly believe that they have the catchiest songs on the planet. My friend first introduced me to Korean pop music, or k-pop, and now I can’t stop listening. The only problem is is that when you want to sing along, it’s sort of difficult BECAUSE IT”S IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE. But people like me have their ways of singing the words without really knowing what their saying. You’re speaking Korean, but not really. Yay!

I’ve recently been obsessed with this korean boyband called SHINee.

No words.

Right now I’m fastidiously trying to learn their famous dance routine to their song Lucifer by using endless slow-moed and mirrored videos. An. Endless. Amount. But it’s been really fun. I find it cool that you can learn any dance through slow-motion and a lot of pausing and replaying. After about a week, I’m about one minute into the song. yes. (personal victory screech)

You see all those electronic-like dance moves? That’s called tutting. And it’s extremely fun to learn. To get the moves really sharp, you need a lot of strength, control, and precision. These guys have got that. (Believe my sore muscles)

I’ve yet to learn all their names, but I will!! I will also buy more music, you can believe that.

I got sexy baaaack...YEAH


Seeing Things

Scene 1:

I come downstairs to the sound of Fudge my pug barking. Thinking she wants to go out, I run towards the barks screaming, “I’M COMING!” because I’m afraid that she’ll pee in any second and I’ll have to deal with the complains and the mess. Instead, I find my mom sitting on the couch watching Heroes and Fudge still barking at something outside. My mom, knowing that I came down to let Fudge out, says that Fudge doesn’t need to go out. She’s only seeing spirits.

“What?” I say.

“Dogs can see spirits,” she says. “You didn’t know?”

“I’ve heard…but if Fudge is barking at a spirit that’s over there and you’re right here…aren’t you scared!?” I question. Automatically my mind goes to Paranormal Activity, and I shudder.(Notice how I don’t even question my mom)

“Nah, spirits are all around. And besides, they’re good.”

I stare out the dark window, but since I’m still a little creeped, I run upstairs.

Scene 2:

I just brought back the “dogs can see spirits” thing with my mom, and then said that I’ve read that baby’s can see spirits, too.

“Aren’t babies scared of what they’re seeing?” I say, truly concerned for my little brother. Oh, what he must have seen!

“First of all,” my mom says, “babies see angels, not ghosts. That’s why babies sometimes seem like they are looking at something that’s not there, and then suddenly laugh and smile out of the blue. They are seeing angels.”

Oh. I remember mom telling me about that a long time ago, when Johann(my brother) was still really tiny. I remember him doing just that, and I thought of how he must have seen his guardian angel. I thought that all this supernatural stuff was pretty fascinating.


Dogs see spirits.

Babies see angels.

So what do cats see?

If dogs can see spirits, than cats can definitely see something, too. They even have better eyesight than dogs. So after thinking it over, I finally came up with this answer:

Cats can see angels and spirits, alright; they just don’t really give a crap.

Ah, those shameless cats.

The Food Blog!

Welcome to my all new blog called tis the food. Drop by, why don’tcha?

Blog Under Construction

I just wanted to say that I’ve been thinking, and have decided to create a totally separate food blog for my recipes. So don’t get scared or intimidated or anything like that if you start to notice that all the recipes are slowly disappearing one by one…

I’ll give the link when all the dirty work’s done!!

The Secret of Kells

I had been meaning to make a review for this movie a couple of months now, and all that has been holding me back was, I admit, pure laziness! I’m sorry, it happens to the best of everyone. But no matter, for the review must still go on!

The Secret of Kells – its very name easily invokes mystery and magic. And because of that, it’s been nominated for an Academy Award for the Best Animated Feature in February 2010. But since seeing it months ago, the only recallings I have left of the story are currently on a post-it with all the movie notes I took. And sinceĀ  am still feeling a little bit lazy a bit forgetful, I do know that this movie deserves its spotlight. So here are the words straight from my notes that I jotted down, basically summing up the feel of The Secret of Kells.

magical; surreal; bright; haunting; brilliance; innocence in animation; some aspect of story you can’t quite grasp,fleeting; it pulls you in; at the same time can show terror, searing, scarlet death and hate like glowing coals on a fire; majesty; grace; fluidity; disturbing

The cat in this picture looks a lot like the one in the movie! Such beautiful eyes…