Glee hasn’t been on for awhile, and it’s winter break. Lazy days have come, and I’m just relaxing while the snow ices up the northeast. And without warning, I’ve developed this inhumane addiction to Heroes.

It started one night when I fell asleep early. Downstairs my mom and my sister were watching the first four episodes of “Heroes” on Netflix. I’m fully aware that this series ended awhile ago, but when I started watching, I couldn’t stop. For instance, last night I had this dream about Mica and Niki-they were just there, it was really random, but it’s PROOF of how much I’ve taken to this show.

When I become this obsessed about something, my favorite thing to do is look up some fanart on deviantart.com. I love it how people take in the series and interpret it in their own ways. Especially when they turn it into a funny comic strip or something. I’ve gone through this phase with Twilight, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Harry Potter, and Studio Ghibli movies (ah I’m so typical 🙂 ).

Some thoughts on the topic: (SPOILER)

Every time someone dies, I keep thinking that they’ll just somehow come alive again. I’ve been too influenced by Claire and Peter. Those two just can’t seem to stop dying. Oh look, there’s, a stick in her neck! On no, he got stabbed by a blade of glass! That’s interesting, she woke up in the middle of her autopsy. Such a nice image. Like when Isaac died, I was just like, “Oh, he’s not dead. That’s probably just Claire or Peter in disguise. Or that morphing woman. Or maybe he has a special power to come back from the dead, too!! Maybe his paintings will save him and beat Sylar senseless!! GO PAINTINGS!”

Besides the fact that the decapitation this is sort of disturbing, you’ve got to admit, the idea is pretty interesting. The brains are supposed to be like watches or something and Sylar feels inclined to fix them. I’m just wondering what he does to extract the powers from the brains. I could totally picture him just standing there with all the brains and him being like”What now?”

Admit it. Everyone was totally up for Peter and Claire becoming a couple until we found out they were related.(Or maybe they do get together, I’m not that far yet)

serious moment.


I feel so protective of Hiro. I don’t want his enthusiasm and happiness to be crushed! He’s just trying to save the world!! WHY WON”T ANYONE BELIEVE HIM!! I almost cried when Suresh nearly injeected him with the poison. He’s also asian like I am, so there’s another connection I’m feeling. He probably also reminds me of my brother. My brother can make the same “Hiro” face as him. Haha, I just thought of that one.

I’m sad that the person who played Sylar also played Spock on Startrek, because I actually liked him as Spock. He was my favorite. Now I’m just afraid of him.

no comment.

I wish that I had figured about Heroes sooner, when the series was still on. Now there’s no one to gush about it with besides my mom and my sister. But they’re too busy trying to finish the season like I am. Back to where I started

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