I could always tell a good movie when I saw one. And Tangled was no exception!  To tell the truth, this is now my most favorite Disney princess movie. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that it only seems like it’s for little girls but if you look beyond that, and actually experience the magic, the pristine animation, the adventure and comedy….

It basically blows you outta the theater. The movie screen is more like a window looking out onto a world where sunshine can plant healing flowers and people can grow hair as long as a tower; it’s like the audience is just zooming around in the little box called the theater, and flying all around this bright place, watching the story unfold.

This is truly the perfect movie. It satisfies the part inside everyone who longs for magic, the dry place where laughter is always welcome, the most fantastic adventure that comes along with every ride, and the love and romance that sometimes seems like only a dream.

I’m not going to tell you the plot, Oh no no no no no. See it for yourself, bub. Yup, I’m that determined to make you see the movie.

There’s only one thing that bother me, though.


I wish that Eugene had cut her hair at a more decent length.

Eh, I still love it anyways.

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