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The Cat Returns

I’m still melting. This movie makes you feel all bonny and fuzzy inside.

I thought that it was sort of like a cat version of Spirited Away. It had the same idea of being wisked away into a world unimaginable by  human kind.

Basically, a teenage girl named Haru (voiced by Anne Hathaway!) feels as though she doesn’t quite belong. But soon after she saves the life of a cat, she gets involved in a whole different situation. The cat she saved just happened to be the Prince of Cats, and the King of Cats (his father) wants Haru to marry his son. As you can imagine, it gets a little, should I say, complicated. With the help of her new friends from the Cat Bureau, Baron, Mota, and Toto, together they find a way to save her from this peculiar fate.

The idea of a cat and a human getting married just couldn’t seem to settle with me, so I was relieved when Haru started turning into a cat. It made it much easier to wrap my head around! You see, when in the Cat Kingdom, if Haru loses sight of who she really is, she turns into a feline. That’s why Baron, this unpretentiously classy, smooth, and witty fellow, keeps reminding her to believe in herself. That, my friends, is the whole moral of the story.

Now, a little Background:

Baron Humbert von Gikkingen.

A cat who was given life through the imagination of his artist. He says that anything can have a soul if it is believed in strongly enough. I can’t help but to compare him to Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Inception. They’re both just too cool for school. I can’t stop marveling at their awesomeness. Baron happens to be my favorite character. (Note back to “unpretentiously classy, smooth, and witty fellow”)

See the resemblance?


A somewhat large, white cat. Toto believes he looks like a marshmallow. I agree. Did you know that he once devoured a whole lake of fish?


He was originally a stone statue. Otherwise, he’s a very amiable, joking crow, who came alive the same way that Baron did.


She’s had this ability of talking to cats ever since she was young, except has never realized until recently. Haru is laid-back, trusting, a little sarcastic, and is the unassuming heroine of this story. She can be very fierce when the urge strikes her.

P.S. The project concept of this story was thought up by the one and only Hayao Miyazaki! I’ve always been a big supporter with his legendary storytelling.



I could always tell a good movie when I saw one. And Tangled was no exception!  To tell the truth, this is now my most favorite Disney princess movie. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that it only seems like it’s for little girls but if you look beyond that, and actually experience the magic, the pristine animation, the adventure and comedy….

It basically blows you outta the theater. The movie screen is more like a window looking out onto a world where sunshine can plant healing flowers and people can grow hair as long as a tower; it’s like the audience is just zooming around in the little box called the theater, and flying all around this bright place, watching the story unfold.

This is truly the perfect movie. It satisfies the part inside everyone who longs for magic, the dry place where laughter is always welcome, the most fantastic adventure that comes along with every ride, and the love and romance that sometimes seems like only a dream.

I’m not going to tell you the plot, Oh no no no no no. See it for yourself, bub. Yup, I’m that determined to make you see the movie.

There’s only one thing that bother me, though.


I wish that Eugene had cut her hair at a more decent length.

Eh, I still love it anyways.

A Page a Day Keeps the Devil Away

That is, a page from the bible, of course. Inspired from the novel, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Francie, the main character, reads a page from the bible everyday.

Since I really have no clue about being Catholic besides a handful of prayers and some stories, where better to learn from than our holy book?? Personally, I can’t wait until I get to the “proverbs” chapter. I love wise sayings.

Old Magazine Table

If you’re like me, you probably have boatloads of old, used, torn and worn magazines lying around the house. So try and spend an afternoon making this super easy magazine table. All you need are some old magazines and paperclips to secure the pages. No glue necessary!

Try it here~

Here it is as my new side table…

The Fat Season

A handful of candy, 4 cookies, and 3 cupcakes. All in one day.

And Dear God, that’s only the start of The Fat Season.

The Fat Season is a term I use to refer to the coming onslaught of months, October, November, and December. It’s when a series of strategically placed holidays arrive one after another, in the same time of the year. I don’t know if this was secretly planned or if it’s just some awesome coincidence, but basically it’s what makes the holiday season so bittersweet.

Ah, teenage angst. Right now I’m wearing a large, over-sized, black, long-sleeved shirt to try and downsize my guilty stomach. It happens to everyone. There’s the ecstasy, the guilt, and then the comforting food, and it’s the most vicious cycle known to woman kind. And I specifically point out the women, because women tend to care more about this kind of stuff. Men can just stop eating carbs, and they’d drop 10 lbs, just like that. (And believe me, I’ve seen it happen)

Okay, time to line up the perpetrators.

  1. Halloween
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. Hanukkah
  4. Christmas
  5. New Year’s Eve

People look forward to all of these holidays because of its meaning, the festivities, and the food. For example, you can’t look at Thanksgiving and not instantly think of a Turkey. Even if you’re a vegetarian, a turkey has always been a traditional sign of Thanksgiving. It’s the same with Halloween to candy and Christmas to ham.

Here’s my outlook on Halloween. On the actual day of it, people aren’t allowed to be like “All of this candy is just so fattening”, or  “I feel so fat.”


First of all, I hate it when people complain about their weight, even though they look perfectly fine (I’m guilty of this!). Second of all, it’s just so out of spirit. JUST EAT THE DAMN CANDY. This night only comes once a year, so enjoy it. However, the day after Halloween is a whole different story. You may wake up the next morning looking and feeling like you have a hangover, and you may seriously need to pull yourself together, Frankenstein. And you do. Because no one can eat that much candy everyday and not pay for it somehow. That’s why I feel so bad about eating those cookies and cupcakes the day after Halloween. It goes against my morals. Besides, I need to get ready for the next pigout that’ll take place on Thanksgiving. Cleanse my body of all the junk, before I eat more. One will have to work hard and have even harder discipline if they don’t want to come out of The Fat Season looking like a freaking pumpkin.

The best thing to do after a pigout? Get back on track. Take control of your mind and body. If you eat healthy and exercise, then all’s well and dandy. You know your life won’t be over after that one pigout. It’s like a big test; if you’ve substantially studied, then you know you won’t fail. Move on!

So, if you’re all squeaky clean and healthy now, what in the world will you do with your leftover candy? What in the world will you do with the other 3-4 remaining holidays? I once read somewhere that butter isn’t bad for you, but a whole stick of it is. Sugar isn’t bad, but eating 10 cupcakes is. There is no such thing as bad food, only overeating. Portion and moderation. Healthy diet rich in plants. Not eating too much. Stick to those guidelines and you’ll be fine.

What do I do with my candy? Well, I’m not the kind of person who eats it all in one day. I like to stretch my dollar. Under my bed, I keep a stash  candy in a box (because keeping stashes of things are fun). Then everyday, I limit myself to one piece of candy. Those rations should last until near the end of Fat Season, and you’ll still get to be sweets! Or even, for every x pieces of candy, you could do x number of laps around your house. But that’s for the serious people, who like to get down to business.

Well, I hope this has proven helpful in some way. Good luck, and Happy Fat Season!