Honoring Tyler Clementi

Although I may not know all the details, I do know that this incident has brought together a whole nation. Strung by the lines of sorrow, mourning, faith, and even a flicker of hope, the death of Tyler Clementi represents more than just a simple hate crime. It brings up all things that others definitely need to be paying more attention to: bullying, equality, suicide, gay rights…

Inequity in a world where all of us are ultimately human beings.

I don’t think that those two students had a right to do what they did. What started out as probably a joke ended up as an indelible wrong. They probably didn’t mean for it to go as far as it did. On the other hand, if the suicide didn’t happen, who knows how much farther they would have gone? What were they expecting to achieve by exposing someone on the internet, which they had absolutely no business in?

I don’t know.

It still shocks me that something so tragic has happened so near to where I live. People don’t expect nation wide matters to happen near a peaceful, quiet town. It has caught everyone off guard. It is also a harsh lesson everybody needs to learn from, so we can prevent things like this from happening ever again.

In memory of Tyler Clementi

Forever Remembered

Future of tomorrow

a warm candle in our hands

trying to forget the sorrow

that passes like a heavy smoke

Though there is hope in our sad eyes

illuminating the night like a flame

that drags out before us

with weary hands

2 responses to “Honoring Tyler Clementi

  1. Everyone deserves kindness, no matter who they are.

  2. i agree, i heard about this on the radio and i cant believe those 2 boys would do something like that. its not funny being gay and nobody has a right to spy on other peoples personal lives….and showing it to everybody.

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