Die Hard

R                  1988               2 hr. 11 min.

Die Hard. The movie that’s been known as thrilling. Epic. The TRUE action movie classic. And Bruce Willis fires it up!(with a gun)

Bruce Willis plays NY cop John McClane, who is flying over to LA to see his beloved wife, Holly. Having been through some rough patches with her in the past, John soon hopes to patch things up by surprising her at her office Christmas party. And then what happens?

BAM! BOOM! POW! They all end up as hostages to a bunch of terrorists. Well, everyone but John McClane, of course. And all the yuletide gets thrown out the fortieth story window. Now McClane is left alone to save himself and the 30 other hostages, as the ignorant FBI and his befriended but clueless limo driver ironically watch the disaster unfold. The only person he can depend on is a voice on the other end of his receiver, Sergeant Al Powell, who is the only officer outside of the building who truly knows the extent of the situation they’re in.

Slowly, the determined NY officer steadily takes out each of his hostage takers one by one while maneuvering through elevator shafts, vents, and the like. His first victim is the notorious Santa guy, who comes maliciously down the elevator with blood on his shirt reading, “Now I have a shotgun, Ho-Ho-Ho”

Finally, it comes down to the head of the terrorists, Hans Gruber, who ultimately falls to his demise from a very high floor on the building. John has heroically succeeded in saving his wife and all the hostages. (Well, mostly.) As John would have perfectly put it, “Yippi-cy-ay, Motherfu*****!”

Die Hard has all the the things that’ll make for an electrifying dose of adrenaline and escapade. Bruce Willis stars as “An off-duty cop hiding somewhere inside. He’s alone, tired… and the only chance anyone has got.”

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