When Harry Met Sally

If there’s one thing I love to watch, it’s romantic comedies. I don’t know, they just end up getting me every time. I don’t even care if they’re cheesy and predictable, or absolutely fantastic like this movie or The Notebook (tell me one single person who doesn’t like The Notebook). And the thing about this movie is that the kind of  love here isn’t a “love at first sight” kind. It’s the “I hate you so much but I can’t live without you” kind, which makes it’s so much more interesting and fun to watch than other movies.

Well, the movie starts off with snappy, up beat music, as usual. Then, a video of a sweet old couple pops up onto the screen. They are talking about their marriage and how they’re so deeply in love, still after all these years. And you start thinking, “Is this Harry and Sally when they grow old together?” Nope. It’s just a random couple telling us they’re fairytale romance, which will be happening a lot during the movie, as sort of a transition into scenes.

It also poses a question like, “Will Harry and Sally ever be like those old couples?” But this thought is quickly thrown out the window when Harry and Sally meet for the first time.

The First Encounter

They are finished with college, and Harry is dating Sally’s best friend(whom everyone forgets the name of!). Sally has offered to drive Harry to where he needed to go, and while they get to know each other, Harry strikes Sally as an arrogant, obnoxious jerk. She especially thinks this because Harry has said that the both of them could never truly be friends, because a man can never really be friends with a woman he finds attractive. And that’s that. Sally drops Harry off, and that’s the last time they think they will ever see each other.  This sets the whole foundation for the story, which is the reason why their romance ends up being very foggy and complicated.

5 years later, Harry and Sally run into each other once again at the airport.

The Second Encounter

Sally is an accomplished journalist who is dating a successful man, while Harry is engaged. Sally can’t believe that Harry is engaged, and Harry strikes up that whole notion about why they can’t be friends again. Being reminded about how much she dislikes Harry, Sally says good bye for a second time.

Another 5 year time lapse, and Harry and Sally meet a third time around at a bookstore. The third time’s a charm, because this is when things really start happening between them. The two have already had a  long history with each other, sort of, and a majority of those memories are simply unexpected coincidences. But finally, Harry and Sally become inseperable-best friends. Both of them try their hardest to remain that way, trying to prove that a man and a women really can be just that. The only problem is, they both know that they are completely lying to themselves. That they might even be truly in love with one another. But because of the “no friends rule”, everything becomes unclear, and they can no longer distinguish the difference between what their heart wants or what they think they want.  Now the pair have to somehow meet at the middle, and discover that the both of them have been destined to fall in love right from the start.

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