My first Pigout and One Day Lemon Cleanse

Today I have decided to do the One Day Lemon Cleanse. And like for everything, I have a pretty reasonable reason for doing this. Well, yesterday my family and I had decided to try this restaurant called Cheeburger Cheeburger. It’s this awesome place that is set up like a fifties diner, and let me tell you, ordering there is a lot of fun too! What makes this place so fun is that you get to concoct your own burger, and who wouldn’t want their own personalized piece of heaven? I mean, c’mon people. Anyway, you first have to pick your burger size and how you cook it. I got the smallest, which is The Classic, cooked to medium, the juiciest (Sounding good already). Next, you pick your cheese. I picked pepper jack. And finally, you pick the toppings. This is where the pandemonium begins. You get to pick AS MANY toppings as you want.(Including peanut butter on your hamburger!) And as first-timers, we were all pretty overwhelmed. They even had specialty toppings like bacon, which you had to pay extra for. (Because bacon just comes naturally to everyone). I decided to start out small though, so I got some honey mustard with lettuce and roasted red peppers. But making good stuff takes time, so they remind you to be patient and wait about 15 minutes for your burger. Okay, so I ate the burger, and it was delicious, as suspected. But the real reason I decided to take the lemon cleanse was because because of the dessert. For their milkshakes, you get to mix as many different flavors as you want! And they had about 70 flavors or so, which also equaled up to 3,000+ combinations. So I thought, “What the heck? Lets do it!”

Yeah, not so smart. It’s not like the milkshake wasn’t good, cause it was a dream come true. My combination was cinnamon bun and cookie dough, two of my favorite things. But about a quarter of the way through, I felt full. That cup was huge! And I’m not use to chugging stuff down all at once. That’s why I felt full when I had barely gone through half of it. So what did I do? I just kept on chugging.

And chugging.

And chugging.

After I finally devoured the remaining pieces of cookie dough at the bottom, my body basically slapped me in the face for not obeying it’s “I’m full you can stop feeding me now” signs. Long story short, I felt like I had to throw up. I didn’t feel like I wanted to, I felt like I had to. And being in that car didn’t really do any justice. I was like those kids at amusement parks who eat to many hot dogs, ride a roller coaster, and run to the trash can all green in the face, I felt so sickly and a little light-headed that I started tearing up.(I know have a new-found respect for that guy on Man vs. Food) I couldn’t eat another piece of food, especially something sweet. So what did I do? I laid like a potato on my bed trying to wait out this horrible feeling in my body while watching Kid in a Candy Store on Food Network (out of all the other channels on direct tv). Turns out that nothing can take away my love for food and cooking after all!

And that’s the story of my first serious pigout.

Big is most certainly NOT better......oi....

Now I do this cleanse to rid of all the bad stuff in my body and to leave me feeling new once again. Basically, the lemon cleanse is a drink made out of lemons, honey, white pepper, and water. It tastes pretty good, like a less sweeter version of lemonade. And the pepper gives it this tingle at the back of your throat. What is supposed to happen is that I’m only supposed to drink this drink every 1-2 hours without eating solid foods. It will then clean your body of harmful toxins and leave you feeling great!(That’ the part I’m looking forward to). I’m very curious as to how I’ll feel though, because I’ve never gone a day without eating solid food.(Except when I was a baby, but that doesn’t count) Most people think that this gives them an easy excuse to not eat anything and lose weight fast, but it’s not.(to be healthy, you have to change your lifestyle, and I don’t think you want to drink only lemonade for the rest of your life) It’s about the wellbeing of your body and how you feel ultimately feel, to make yourself feel fresh inside and out. (and if you really want to be serious, they even have a 10 day cleanse) Wish me luck!

You can get the instructions for the One Day Lemon Cleanse here.

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