This past week, my computer has been acting really funny. Every time I try to upload or download, this pop-up comes up and matter-of-factly states, “Start-up disk is almost full; delete some files to free up some space.”

What in the world does this mean! Yup, it’s certainly stumped me. From my eyes, it’s like an omen saying, “you are doomed to never upload any more photos on your blog. EVER.” (But then again, that’s just me overreacting.) So, giving up oh so easily, I have stopped blogging for a number of days. I figured that I’ll just get back to it when mom calls Apple and fixes the problem. That gave me a fairly good reason for my “break”. But then, my mind started wandering back to the book, The Success Principles for Teens by Jack Canfield and Kent Healy. Given to me from my mom, this book has continually been  proving to be a motivational, inspirational, and priceless tool to work for the life I’ve always dreamed of; to be successful in my own view. And in one of the 20 Success Principles, I remembered a lesson about taking responsibility for my life, which explained how excuses just slow you down. I realized that I was using this glitch in my computer as a reason to stop writing, but then I realized how lazy and silly I was being. I don’t need pictures to blog! The main idea I started this blog was to simply write. Images are just a bonus :).

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